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Birthday Party_edited.png

Once all 6 players have arrived, we will run everyone through a quick Tutorial to familiarize everyone with their controller, moving around their station and how to use our gameboard.

It is our suggestion that you play for 30min, take a break and then play for another 30min but it is up to the host to decide whether you play all 60min or split it.

We provide a table and seats, a Happy Birthday Banner & Table cloth. We are happy for you to bring drinks and food. We have a fridge you can use to keep things cold whilst playing.

*We do NOT allow splitting of time in the headset - the Original 6 players will play the full hour no exceptions.

**Parties can only be booked to start after 2pm.

***Minimum age is 8years old for Party Booking.

****You must run on time for your booking as there maybe bookings after you (we run a time slotted booking system).

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